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Carrick Hill is fortunate to be one of the few period homes in Australia to survive with its original contents almost completely intact and its grounds undiminished. Carrick Hill is a significant South Australian cultural tourism attraction. It comprises a major heritage building, being the previous home of Sir Edward and Lady Ursula Hayward; internationally significant art collections; original subsidiary buildings such as stables; and approximately 40 hectares of land which includes approximately 26 hectares of native bushland. Carrick Hill promotes and encourages the interest of the public in Carrick Hill as an historic house and garden with major art collections by creating inspiring diverse experiences.

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  • Botanical Garden Volunteer
  • Volunteer at the Hahn Horticulture Garden
  • Neighborhood Planters Kiosks help build thriving communities
  • Guest Post: Things I Learned From the Garden
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Getting started and involving volunteers

How long have you been a NYBG volunteer and what was the inspiration for becoming one? I had volunteered at botanical gardens before and wanted to volunteer again at another garden. I was born and raised in the Puyallup Valley in Washington State where my grandparents had berry farms.

My mother was very active in plant societies, including the local Chrysanthemum Society.Currently I also work in the gardens around the co-op that I live in and have been an amateur gardener for many years.

What is the most rewarding part of your work or a particular experience? I really love to hear the wonderful feedback from the visitors who come to the Garden. After giving a tour, their responses are always enthusiastic about what they have seen and experienced during their visit. People are always excited and amazed telling me how much they have learned from the time we spend together and about the complexity of the work that goes into growing and exhibiting the plants.

What might surprise people about the work you do here? As a tour guide and volunteer I have always loved to share the behind-the-scenes information on how complex the Horticulture program is at NYBG. By teaching people about the things they do not see they gain a stronger appreciation for the work that goes into caring for the gardens and the plants.

It is truly my hope that each visitor leaves NYBG with a greater appreciation for the site and the many hands and skills it takes to create the beautiful things the visitors love and come here to see.

Perhaps my favorite group to work with are the Japanese kiku. I really enjoy the detailed horticultural work that goes into the training and growing of these special chrysanthemums. The dedication and skill it takes to grow these plants according to the rigorous traditional methods shared with the staff by Japanese kiku masters is something that I find fascinating.

Watching the plants grow and evolve and being part of that training process is very rewarding. After many hours of work, the real reward is sharing the beautiful flowers the public. Along with volunteering, I take many classes, have earned two Certificates, and am working on more. Taking classes helps me fill in the gaps in my knowledge and make me a more skilled volunteer in turn working with the plants helps me reaffirm what I have learned in my classes.

The Adult Education program has taught me so much and helped me sharpen and expand my horticultural knowledge. What is your favorite outdoor garden at NYBG? Each area has its particular merits. However, despite all those experiences I still think my favorite garden that I have worked in is the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden.

Very few things can compare to the investment of work and the final reward of seeing it in full bloom. For further reading, view the issue online and discover a sampling of stories about our current efforts and activities that promote, engage, and support active and responsible citizenry on local, regional, and global levels. Share this: Email Tweet. Write a Comment Email Required Name Required Website.

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Botanical Garden Volunteer

Every home at the Trust has a garden for our residents to enjoy. Many of our residents spent many happy hours tending to the garden, tinkering in the shed or growing veg. Our volunteer Gardeners are the people who make the residents gardens their own when they can no longer dig and plant themselves. Our Gardeners have a passion for seeing things grow. Most of our gardeners enjoy involving people, getting them involved in planting seeds and agreeing which plants go where. Our Gardeners are part of the Home Team.

Take home a 'growing kit' of indigenous seeds and grow little trees for replanting on Victorian farming properties. You are also welcome to assist with the.

Volunteer at the Hahn Horticulture Garden

Could you offer at least a half a day a week? Would you like to be a Birmingham Botanical Gardens volunteer? Volunteers play a very important role in caring for the Gardens and we offer a very warm welcome. We currently have about 55 people coming in to different departments of the Gardens on a regular basis. Gardening volunteers help out with daily horticultural maintenance, including, weeding, sweeping, lawn edging and dead-heading.It would especially, although not exclusively, suit someone who is already a keen gardener or would like to do work experience towards a career in horticulture. Please note that all gardening volunteers must bring and wear their own safety boots steel toe cap when working at Birmingham Botanical Gardens. If you are interested in any of the volunteer vacancies listed below, please fill out an application form:. Please return your completed form to the Gardens marked for the attention of the relevant Departmental Manager together with your supporting evidence and CV. Would you like to spend a day with your colleagues out of the office, getting your hands dirty?

Neighborhood Planters Kiosks help build thriving communities

Calendar of Events. Become a Volunteer. Why become a volunteer? A fun community, great opportunities, and exciting perks: Free membership to the Gardens—unlimited Garden entry!

In summer there is much work to be done to keep nectar flowing for the butterflies, bees, and other pollinators that visit the grounds.

Guest Post: Things I Learned From the Garden

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us. Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Civic Garden Center and play a crucial role in the success of everything we do. Volunteers work in throughout the Cincinnati region supporting our network of community gardens and orchards, forest restoration sites, and maintaining our grounds Hauck Botanic Gardens in Avondale. Click Here to Register as a New Volunteer. Please email volunteer civicgardencenter. We consider the safety of our volunteers our upmost priority at all times.

Volunteer With KCCG!

Our Garden is what it is today thanks to countless hours of work by our Volunteers. We are always looking for more volunteers, please contact us via email if you would like to help out! Volunteers play an important role in keeping the Garden beautiful! We meet throughout the spring, summer, and fall, weather permitting.All skill levels are welcome - it's a great way to learn and socialize as you work alongside experienced gardeners and enthusiastic newcomers. Call to be added to our volunteer notice list. Bring your own gloves and preferred tools, however we can provide gloves and tools if you do not have any.

Is food your thing? For some people gardening is all about food. Our Farm Hands help with all aspects of farming at Earthwise, from planting seeds to.

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University of Maine Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteers program provides participants with at least 40 hours of in-depth training in the art and science of horticulture. Trainees receive current, research-based information from UMaine Extension educators and industry experts. In return, trained Master Gardeners volunteer their time and expertise in many ways for community programs and activities.


Volunteers are at the heart of everything we do at the Gardens. RBG volunteers come from all walks of life but share one thing in common; our love of the Natural World and our desire to share it with others. At RBG, you can choose the volunteer work that best fits your interests, skills and availability. There is no experience necessary to join this volunteer team, but volunteers are expected to be able to commit to a minimum of two half days a month. If you complete the application form below, we will follow up with you early in the new year to share our volunteer position openings.

Would you like to spend more time outdoors? Would you like to learn more about the environment?

Provide on-going care for our various gardens as seasonal needs demand. Activities include: planting, seed collection and processing, weeding, general care and cleanups. Groups are welcome to help us care for our gardens. Volunteer Interest Form. In addition, the group maintains a nursery at the maintenance facility for plant storage and special projects.

Volunteering is an excellent way to meet fellow garden enthusiasts and to accumulate hours toward gardening certificates and community service projects. Looking for ways to volunteer at New Orleans City Park? Visit the City Park volunteer page.

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