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While fields lay fallow in most other parts of the country, winter months bring an abundant variety of produce to Florida fields. O ccasional freeze s typically wipe out summer crops such as squash and tomatoes, but winter vegetables like lettuce, greens, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage flourish in the colder weather. The beginning of February is a transitional period for farmers in the Gainesville area, said Dr. Those who enjoy tangy fruits should also hurry out to markets in February. Citrus season has already reached its peak, and fewer oranges, grapefruits, tangerines and such will be available.

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Webinar: Backyard Citrus

Potatoes are an important agricultural commodity in Florida. That is a lot of potatoes. Although Idaho reigns as the US potato producing champion, this tuber is a major global crop with an amazing history.

But moving backward in time, the potato we recognize today was originally cultivated by the Incan Empire near modern-day Bolivia and Peru around 10, years ago.Spanish conquistadors, while in the search for the Incan city of lost gold, Paititi, initially brought potatoes back to Europe.

Potatoes became a staple with colonizing nations because of their ability to store during voyages and their high nutrient content. Over time its agricultural production exploded in popularity because it is easy to grow, it is very nutritious and has culinary versatility. Many young children easily connect with potatoes because of their unadulterated love of french fries, mashed potatoes, potato chips, etc.

There are many types of potatoes that you may grow in Florida. The common russets do not grow as well because of our environmental conditions. Our most successful potatoes are categorized into white and red-skinned varieties. This is not an exhaustive list either; there are many exotic varieties that come in many shapes, sizes and colors.

Our biggest recommendation for selection relates to time to maturity. Any potato planted in Florida should mature early, otherwise, it is more susceptible to disease and pest. Potatoes are an incredibly diverse and powerful crop in Florida and the world. It has a colorful and culturally ingrained history. Packed with nutrients, protein and carbohydrates, the humble spud packs a healthy punch and is easily grown in the garden. You can call at or email your questions to mag alachuacounty.

Contact him at tclem alachuacounty. View Comments View Comments.

Alachua County July Environmental and Community Horticulture Programs

The public is invited to attend. President of the chapter Missie Schneider said this event helps with fundraising efforts for hunts throughout the year. In the past weeks the blood supply has steadily dropped, as hospitals' needs have increased. WCJB - Nestle is approved to begin receiving nearly a million gallons of water a day pumped from Ginnie Springs, but an environmental advocacy group is trying to overturn the permit. Elevation: 85 feet.


Nassau County Extension Office Welcomes New Director

PDF Posters of some projects. Skip to main content Skip to footer unit links. University of Washington Botanic Gardens. Effects of fall prescribed fire on regeneration from the seed bank of two western Washington grasslands Kern Ewing Antieau, Clayton Joseph Patterns of natural variation in oceanspray, Holodiscus discolor Pursh Maxim. Germination of seeds from wetland soil as a source of plant material for wetland restoration Kern Ewing Barndt, Katie An assessment of the allelopathic potential of herb robert Geranium robertianum Sarah Reichard Bauerle, William L. Is Sweetgrass on the Decline? Response of Schoenoplectus pungens M. Vahl Palla var.

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The holidays are here. The planning, coordinating, and utter exhaustion culminating over the past couple months comes to fruition. Despite the continuous motion, make sure you stop and be present. Mistletoes, to me, are a holiday enigma. Many different cultures provide differing origin stories or use of the mistletoe, and details differ depending on the source you read.

Our location allows us to research the power of the wind and study prairie landscapes for pollinator habitats. This position will provide extension educational programs in the area of agriculture and horticulture, including the Extension Master Gardener program.

What’s fresh in Alachua County

Skip to main content by Spotify. Sign in Get started. Extension Cord. By Alachua County Extension. Join us as we discuss special topics in Alachua County by speaking with Master Gardener Volunteers, researchers, specialists, and community members contributing wonderful impacts to our community. Listen on.

Alachua city news

These programs are being offered by Dr. Beekeeping for Beginners — May 4, from 4 p. This is a NewsBreak Contributors Publishers Advertisers. Sign in.Alachua, FL. May Environmental and Community Horticulture Programs alachuacounty.

From the homes and temples, a gardening tradition emerged, which became Dr. Taylor Clem is the Environmental & Community Horticulture.

A calendar’s leap for gardening

Potatoes are an important agricultural commodity in Florida. That is a lot of potatoes. Although Idaho reigns as the US potato producing champion, this tuber is a major global crop with an amazing history.

BEYOND INSTALLATION Designing with Maintenance in Mind Dr

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He passed away at the age of 89 on 20 OctoberHe devoted his life to the practice of medicine almost exclusively in the public sector, serving the poorest of the poor in Soweto during and after apartheid. Aaron ran religious services in Belfast and Nigel and later became a shochet qualified to slaughter meat according to Jewish law. They settled in Roodepoort and had three children Maurice, Tzilla and David.

Taylor Clem Guest columnist. Over the past couple of months, we explored the Gardens of the World.

Bored during quarantine? Try going green.

Attracting Hummingbirds to your Garden. On this episode of Fresh Take we welcome Dr. For more from Dr. Clem check out our Florida Friendly Yards episode! Tune in to find out about the 9 principles of Florida Friendly Yards, and other best practices you can implement at home! How to introduce this practices to your HOA Alachua County - Northeast.

We kiss under a parasite: An enigmatic holiday tradition

It is important to remember that extension is the handiest homeowner resource. Although, I must admit — I am sad. Nonetheless, the gardening column will persist with the other contributing extension agents. Therefore, it is prudent to remind everyone of the importance of extension and how we are a resource for everyone.


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